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The New Norwottuck Network. A 501(c)3 set up to do trail betterments on the  MCRT and connecting trails!

We will do tasks that make for a better trail experience and make for a better neighborhood or locale.

These can be done under two main themes.  Historical Initiatives and Targeted Feasibility Studies.


  • We will fund Historic Preservation projects along the MCRT corridor –and connecting trails.

  • Projects that restore/renovate/ or replace lost mile-markers or other railroad signaling equipment or signage along the MCRT or connecting trails will be given first priority. 

  • Projects that involve a kiosk display along a then-and now theme. MuseumCroft is a company that does projects like this.

  • Projects that call out a forgotten industrial user in that locale.


NNNetwork logo.jpg


  • Since the MCRT has already benefited from the DOT/DCR feasibility study circa 2019 we can then focus on some of the projects in the region that need a jump start.  There are several projects that connect to the MCRT that can use this effort.  We envision using the technical expertise and capability of Conservation Works LLC

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