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The Mass Central Rail Trail through the years
(Hand-drawn maps from the Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society)


Here's a series of maps that show the corridor in its entirety through the years.

  • 1920. . .  At the height of railroad operations. 

  • 1975. . .  When it still had some segments still running as a railroad, but much had been formally abandoned or at least dormant.

  • 1997. . . When several sections had begun to be converted to a rail trail--either paved or stone-dust. Several segments were proposed and not yet built and some proposed segments were voted down at the municipal level in the late 1990s.

  • 2007. . . As it continued to knit together, slowly but surely. 

  • 2020. . . Status today.  This is our often updated, interactive, Google map. 

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