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Rail Trail Newsletter #86 - March 2024
  • A Go-Fund-Me that needs your support - One of the lead advocates for the MCRT is Steven Hawk. Injured in a car crash 20+ years ago

  • We've been granted access to a genuine GOOGLE STREETMAP camera and we are documenting the entire MCRT corridor

  • Next Phase of Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Could Happen Fast  Sudbury Weekly By Kevin Lahaise 

  • Help Maintain Waltham's Trails and Parks. Join volunteer trail stewards of the Waltham Land Trust to serve as the "eyes and ears" of our shared open space!

  • Here's the official 25% design hearing led by MassDOT for Belmont's Phase 1 section of the MCRT

  • New Haven to create new trail connecting Farmington Canal Line and East Coast Greenway by Lily Belle Poling,  Reporter, Yale Daily News

  • In a recent construction trade magazine is a story about a newly developed porous or permeable pavement that provides an interesting improvement in developing trails with a permeable surface near to water resources like reservoirs.

  • $117 million federal grant boosts Queens Way Project: A 3.5-mile greenway connecting six neighborhoods in NYC

  • Bike lanes are good for business...Study after study proves it. So why do so many shops and restaurants still oppose better streets?

  • How the Netherlands Built a Successful Bike Infrastructure

  • Meet the Retirees Cycling Into Their Golden Years BY ERIN GIFFORD March 15, 2024 Conde' Nast Traveler

Rail Trail Newsletter #85 - February 2024
  • Friday, January 19, 2024, NN hosted an all day facilitated workshop about the MCRT, about the steps needed to FinishTheRailTrail

  • The first time we had a cross-state workshop about how to get the MCRT finished. Or as our new landing page URL says: FinishTheRailTrail

  • Presentation by Tom Baird, P.E. working for Baird & Loguidice in Albany, NY talking about how the NYC Water Dept built a rail trail alongside the reservoir that provides 40% of the water to NYC.

  • Sudbury's Economic Development Efforts Gain Momentum BY KEVIN LAHAISE

  • MassDOT Expands Multimodal Connectivity Across Massachusetts with 20 Miles of Shared Use Paths Opened in 2023


  • Belmont Citizens Forum publishes a great news-letter about things happening in town.

  • Here's an RFP to find a consultant interested looking at our websites to do a refresh

  • New Trails We Can Look Forward to in Mass in 2024

  • Celebrating the newly open Manchester, VT Rail Trail

  • A book that teaches you how to build a trail

  • Peabody and MassDOT discuss plans for a major extension of the Peabody Independence Greenway that includes two pedestrian bridges, with one spanning over Route 1, during a virtual public hearing.

  • NY Residents and officials in Castleton-on-Hudson are preparing for a hearing in the village’s fight to create a safe crossing over Amtrak rail lines

  • Just Another, and Another, and Another Pedestrian Killed on State Street, Springfield

  • In the monthly magazine AARP, there is a story about Betsy Johnson, a resident of Spfld and a force to be reckoned with.

  • Gov. Hochul in NY announces $13 million to help complete the Adirondack Rail Trail BY EMILY RUSSELL

  • Here's a great podcast interview of Peter Harnik on Resources Radio with Margaret Walls

  • Here's a story about something new. Jeff Speck has partnered with Chris Dempsey formerly of Transportation 4 Mass to form a new firm. SpeckDempsey, 

  • Hartford CT beginning to look at the idea of a Greenway through the urban core next to the active RR.


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